Video viewing tips

Most band/event video pages contain more than one video; scroll down each page to see them all.

The instructions below are for viewing on laptop or desktop computer screens.  (If you’re viewing on a phone or tablet, the image will automatically optimize.)  In addition to letting you view a larger image, these instructions will also help resolve issues with video skipping, if you experience that.


To get a larger video image for a song than the one on the band/event video page, click the 4-arrow full-screen logo on the right end of the bar at the bottom of the video window for that song (it’s next to the “HD” symbol).  This produces a full-screen image. In the dialogue box that appears, choose “Allow” and check the box at the bottom (you only have to do this once). If your screen is larger than 16″, an additional icon may appear next to the HD symbol. Clicking this “scaling” icon produces a slightly smaller, sharper image (than full-screen). Clicking it again returns you to full-screen. Return to the video page by hitting the “Esc” button on your keyboard or by clicking the same 4-arrow full-screen logo on the bar at the bottom of the page which you initially used to enlarge the image.

Not all computers are capable of playing High Definition videos. If you experience skipping during playback, try clicking the HD symbol to turn HD off and watch in normal resolution. Click again to return to HD playback.

If you have questions about this, or are experiencing any video viewing issues, send your question or concern to