New Orleans Legend Allen Toussaint dies at 77

Allen Toussaint 8Sad news that songwriter, producer & gentleman Allen Touissant, of New Orleans R&B royalty, has died, following a performance in Spain. Toussaint reportedly suffered a heart attack in Madrid.

His jaunty, piano-centric style, along with that of Professor Longhair, a musical father-figure to Toussaint, helped create & popularize a sub-genre of New Orleans music. A wealth of songs written, co-written and/or produced by Toussaint significantly influenced New Orleans artists like the Meters and have been covered by and influenced other popular artists ranging from Robert Palmer & Little Feat to the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton & Elvis Costello and NC favorites Joe Bell & the Stinging Blades. In person off-stage, Toussaint remained a humble and stately figure, making time late into his career to talk with fans who reveled in the pleasure his company.

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