Wax & Wane

A friend forwarded this blog post to me and made my day.
Wax and Wane

“I felt like I was part of a community. And I love my community. And that was magical.”


Current CD Alley website
Fun exercise – see how many artists you can ID in the slideshow at the bottom of the home page. Don’t know how long that will be up.

Schoolkids to replace CD Alley

Schoolkids has purchased CD Alley

Record store - CD Alley

2 thoughts on “Wax & Wane

    • Same. I spent some time in a record store on Franklin — a little earlier than this article — but the details brought it all flooding back (no pun intended to the rain-related misfortunes of CD Alley 🙂 ). There’s nothing like community at the level described here.

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