Grateful Dead 1972 concert film to be released August 1 – see film clip

“It can’t really be put into words how the Dead rewired the social and musical subconscious of so many people. They were the first rock band to truly understand the art of the infinite that constitutes without-a-net, free-form jamming. They knew how to be one mind, and their audience was in on it. I call it the psychedelic conspiracy.
“I saw them many times, in their core years, and quite often they were only ordinary, or worse. But when they were dialed-in, nothing could transcend their ecstatic excellence. They would become the one microscopic spot, the one place to be, in the whole entire, infinite universe. No other rock band can boast such a resume.”               – Ed Meyer 2012

The Grateful Dead announced on their website today the long-hoped-for release of Sunshine Daydream, the movie of their 08/27/72 concert in Veneta, Oregon. The release and one-night-only big-screen date is August 1, Jerry Garcia’s birthday.

Documenting one of the Dead’s greatest performances, the film, which has been in bootleg circulation for years, is restored to HD video and contains new stereo and 5.1 audio mixes.  Judging from the clip below, the results are stunning.

Tickets are available now for the August 1 showing.  Triangle screenings are slated for Raleigh/Durham & Cary.

National Screening locations and tickets

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